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7 Ideas To Decorate With Flowers In Your Home Interior

Ideas To Decorate With Flowers In Your Home Interior

flowers are a timeless way to add life, color, and natural beauty to any interior space. Whether it’s fresh-cut blooms or long-lasting faux flowers, incorporating floral decor can instantly refresh and uplift your home’s atmosphere. Here are 7 clever ideas to incorporate live and faux flowers from a florist in Glenview IL into your interior decorating scheme.

Use Fresh Cut Flowers in Vases

The classic way to bring flowers into your home is with a vase full of fresh-cut blooms on a table or countertop.  Select a simple vase in a complementary color and use anywhere from one to four types of blooms based on their size, color, and shape. Arrange the flowers for maximum impact and change them out regularly for a constantly “refreshing” look.

Make a Floral Table Centerpiece

Larger dining rooms or coffee tables are the perfect places for an intricate floral arrangement to serve as the table’s centerpiece. Fill a low bowl or container with flowers from your local Glenview florist in a range of complementary colors and heights. Arrange shorter, fuller blooms in the center and gradually increase height around the perimeter.  Create a freeform “cascade” effect that pours over the sides of the bowl. Use floral foam to anchor the stems. 

Hang Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame plant hangers suspended from the ceiling or attached to a wall are a terrific way to add floral decor while maximizing your vertical space. Choose trailing or hanging plants like pothos, philodendrons, or spider plants to fill the planters. Knot the hangers from jute, hemp, or cotton cord in a range of colors to blend with your decor. 

Use Floral Pillows and Throws

Decorative pillows and throws featuring floral prints and embroidery bring an infusion of flower power to your seating areas. Look for vibrantly colored pillows in a mix of shapes and sizes and use them in arrangement with solid throw blankets. Pair crisp white pillows covered in large tropical bloom prints with a soft coral wool throw for a beachy vibe.

Display Silk Bouquets

Long-lasting silk or faux flowers make fantastic floral decorations that never wilt or fade. Create ultra-realistic silk bouquets in vases that you can change out seasonally. Arrange silk stems in striking geometric patterns to display on flat surfaces like mantles, tables, and shelves for a modern take on floral decor. 

Fill Built-In Shelves and Nooks

Make use of hidden nooks, shelves, and spaces throughout your home by filling them with flowering plants that trail downwards. Look for flowering ivy, orchids, or vine varieties that will thrive in these spots. Use decorative pots in materials like wood, tin, or rattan that complement your decor.

Add Framed Botanical Prints

Decorate your walls with black and white botanical prints featuring close-up shots of delicate flower parts and leaf veins. Choose prints in simple rectangular frames in crisp white or black to blend seamlessly into your color scheme. Hang multiple prints in vertical columns or in a grid formation for impact.

In conclusion, incorporating some or all of these floral decorating ideas is sure to brighten up any interior space with a shot of natural beauty and timeless aesthetics. Choose options that align with your personal lifestyle and taste – the possibilities are endless!

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