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Unique flowers to bid farewell to a loving friend or family member

Unique flowers to bid farewell

Funerals are important customs for us all around the world. It helps us cope with the loss of a dear family or friend and lets us bid farewell to them in a proper way. Here are some unique and appropriate flowers that are used in funerals.

⦁ Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is most commonly used for funerals in various forms. They are included in casket sprays, standing sprays, wreaths, and other flower arrangements. As per Glendale florists, chrysanthemums are believed to be associated with death and transcendence. Interestingly, did you know that these flowers are actually edible? A drink made with Mum is a relaxing thing to enjoy. You can also visit big fashion blog for more information.

⦁ Dahlia

Dahlias are strikingly pretty, showy flowers that originate from Central America. But nowadays are found throughout the world. Dahlias come in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors. There are hundreds of different species available for this flower. At a funeral, it is often used in casket sprays, easel sprays, funeral crosses, or in other decorations. Dahlias are long-lasting flowers and hence using them for decoration is a good choice. Need a flower delivery in Glendale AZ? Try Elite Flowers and Gifts now!

⦁ Hydrangea

Hydrangea is one of the most common funeral flowers in Glendale. Gift the grieving family a bouquet of hydrangeas as a token of condolence. Hydrangeas represent gratitude and love. They are also hypoallergenic, so, you don’t have to worry about gifting it to anyone whether it will cause any adverse effects or not.

⦁ Iris

Named after the Greek Goddess, bright blue or purple Iris flowers are unique and attractive. Although iris flowers are found in many colors. These are the most common and popular ones. Blue is the color of rarity and purple represents royalty and heroism. Show your love and respect towards the deceased person by offering a bunch of iris flowers to them.

⦁ Calla Lily

Calla lilies are beautiful, gorgeous flowers that often find their way to funerals and memorial services. Calla lilies are rich in symbolism. The name ‘Calla’ literally means beauty. Calla lilies represent love, beauty, charm, grace, and respect. Calla lilies make excellent centerpieces or standing sprays. Having flower bouquets with calla lilies can also serve as décor for the funeral.

⦁ Daffodil

Daffodils are known for their charm and vibrancy. Earlier though, it was not a common flower that one would include in a funeral. However, nowadays, people are more inclined to give daffodils as gifts, as they believe that they will cheer up the grief-stricken family. The bright yellow color represents hope and new beginnings.

⦁ Magnolia

Magnolia flowers are available in various colors, and all of them are perfectly fine for use in funerals for various purposes. Magnolias are pretty old flowers. In fact, historians suggest that they have been around for 20 million years! From casket sprays to wreaths, magnolias are used everywhere. White magnolias represent luck and stability. Pink magnolias represent affection, joy, and lifestyle. Green ones represent health and luck.

⦁ Carnation

Carnations are widely popular funeral flowers in our country. Reds, pinks, whites, greens- all of these colors are popular for funerals. For wreaths and casket sprays too. All colors of carnations are used.

So, these are the most popular flowers that are used for funerals. For Scottsdale flower delivery of funeral and sympathy flowers, check out Elite Flowers and Gifts and place your order online. Try now!
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